winter uniform

how i wish it was socially acceptable to just parade around in tulle skirts and cashmere crew necks all winter - ah, to be five again. in any case, i think j.crew is brilliant always, but especially in how they are presenting their cashmere sweaters for next season. russian ballerinas, anyone? be sure to check out the behind the scenes report on their tumblr. by the way, did you know madewell has its own tumblr now, too?

flaking out

this would be so funny if it weren't such a totally fitting description of my life. but seriously, check out christie young's new column over at good: the rules. so, so funny!
via wit+delight

bread & boxers

on my most recent trip to copenhagen for the fashion trade shows, i came across little swedish brand bread & boxers and instantly fell in love. selling tees and boxers like selling bread (with some pretty kick-ass branding thrown in), it's just genius to me. i was almost giddy when alexander handed me a few paper bags filled with white cotton goodness, and i love the packaging as much as i love seeing the boyfriend wearing the contents. well, almost as much. it didn't surprise me their inspiration wall is one filled with new york city pics, and i so totally get why the ace hotel is in there. if there's one place that should start selling b&b, it's right there. looking at this moodboard, it's taking all i have not to start clicking over to, by the way.


don't you just love discovering a city through the eyes of someone you admire, or at least someone who you know has great taste? that's exactly the concept behind the city scout, which has asked some of my favorite bloggers and creatives out there to show their way around chicago, brooklyn and los angeles. the latter is high on our wish to-do list, so i'm paying extra attention to that one!

spoon fork bacon

if you're only ever going to visit one food porn blog, let it be this spoon fork bacon. i've come across a lot of fantastic food blogs, but the way this one combines easy to follow recipes, great graphic design and mouthwatering photography simply takes the cake (pardon the pun). i can't wait to try out that cherry gin & tonic - and that's just so typically me, picking out the sweetest and most alcoholic recipe to begin with.
found via the city sage + original images from spoon fork bacon


i was browsing affordable art site 200x20 (check it out if you haven't, they have great stuff) when i came across that skull constellation print by alexander beeching, and just minutes later, i discovered james hopkins' rad skull-organised shelves on design attractor - always a good source for original interior ideas. i've never been particularly attracted to skulls as an interior decorating element - they always seem so sombre and dark - but these ideas have a certain quirkiness that makes them irresistably cool.

cheers to you

whenever temperatures rise, i have trouble staying hydrated. i used to be not much of a water drinker - it just tastes so boring! - but adding a couple of ice cubes and slices of lemon to soda has changed my mind. though admittedly, i'm always glad when happy hour arrives, and i can add a little splash of vodka to the combo. it's a mix that feels very festive and refreshing.

glass from ikea, tray and napkin from interio - one of my favorite swiss discoveries


i'm not gonna lie. life in geneva can be pretty fantastic. we're enjoying all the summer has got to offer, making ever weekend we spend here feel like a mini holiday. last weekend we took a boat trip on the lac d'annecy and had a barbecue with a view on lac leman and geneva's many, many lights. to beat the monday blues, we went to an open air movie theatre at night and saw something borrowed - cheesy, but so much fun. if i tell you i can't wait to see what next weekend will bring, that would be an understatement.

1. my beloved blankets from etsy seller all organic textiles 2. cosmo cocktail by vikingfjord, brought to us from norway by our visiting friend and so. good! 3. i'm rediscovering my favorite men's magazines, i love esquire's graphic design and layout

the vamoose

 lovely lies pointed me in the direction of the vamoose again - a british jewellery brand (or designer hiding behind a ridiculously cool name, if you will) i had yet to look deeper into. i was very happy to discover their blog, which sheds an aesthetically pleasing light on the inspirations behind the pieces. to me this approach - when it feels like you know who is behind something - is so much more convincing than simply putting a collection up for sale in a webshop without any context. that's probably also what makes kate miss' jewelry line so successful - the fact that she's a great story teller and has killer photo and graphic design skills probably doesn't hurt either.

yum yum lem lem

lemlem's fall collection still includes the pops of neon color i fell in love with last year. i'd love to combine the two scarves the way the model does in these shots - it would add the perfect interesting touch to my otherwise pretty gray winter wardrobe.

fall wishes

as my pinterest account points out, i'd happily live on a diet of 3.1 phillip lim, acne, alexander wang and see by chloé from now on. but perhaps that's more a binge than a diet. for now, i've limited myself to purchasing only two of the above. but how long will this discipline last?

meet the vreelands

roitfeld and wintour don't hold a candle to mrs vreeland. her grand-daughter-in-law directed a documentary about the illustrious harper's bazaar and vogue editor, and put together a coffee table book to match. both are slated to come out this fall, and are high on my to see/read list. perhaps as a warm up, i'm about to order her autobiography. i imagine she'll provide me with much inspiration and a rare historical insight to the workings of the fashion industry.
pictures via wwd and abrams

get nerdy

woa. this collection of nerd boyfriend style portraits blew my mind. check out gregory peck, ralph lauren and richard avedon - serious style icons.
all photos via nerd boyfriend

wedding season

i love the dancing, eating, seeing long lost friends and family again -  and of course: extra bonus points for giving me a reason to buy pretty dresses. this one is my summer favorite.
dress girl. by band of outsiders (the same alana dress in a beautiful salmon pink is on sale here!) 
clutch marc by marc jacobs - watch triwa - shoes zara - nail polish essie cute as a button 
all photos taken with iphone and altered with cross process app

roman & williams

about the ace hotel: "there's a million stories in that lobby"
about the standard grill: "creating something that feels familiar, without recreating."
consulting one of my favorite off the beaten track new york city guides, the scout mag, i stumbled across this beautiful video profile of stephen alesch and robin standefer, the principal designers of roman & williams. it's insane that i hadn't looked them up yet, seeing as the spaces they designed in new york have been the ones that simultaneously impressed and inspired me the most. but i'm glad this little video is how i learn more about them, as it's an incredibly respectful, open and honest look at what they do and how they think. it gives me the feeling i would love to sit down with them some day, have a cup of stumptown coffee and pick their brains.
roman & williams 
the scout mag


 as much as i love my macbook and the interwebs, nothing beats just getting out there to get inspired. and as far as inspiring places goes, copenhagen pretty much rules. and yes, in case you were wondering, food inspires me lots. especially when i'm hungry.
in case you're looking to be inspired by copenhagen: madklubben - mother - bio mio - café flottenheimer

hermès insider

koto bolofo was granted unprecedented access to the ateliers of hermès and mapped this wondrous world of artisanry and crafts through his pictures. steidl collected them in another tome i wouldn't mind adding to my library. i wonder if anything like this was done at delvaux - to capture the times before it fell into chinese hands?
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